Site Admin.'s Indisputable List of Authentic Torah / Qabbola (Qabala)

If you feel you must study Qabalistic works, here is a list of non-controversial works that all speak of the oneness of haShem... The following list (directly below) consists of works that no "Gadol" (in the Orthodox world) disputes as authentic Torah/ Qabala. A list of disputed works follows this one.


TC= Torah Commentary (usually Gamara/Rishonim focused)   K= Likely to be "True Qabalastic school" of thought (non-Zohar)    TK=both Torah and Qabala   T=Wisdom and/or Philosophy   LC = Law Code  H=Borderline heretical    AR=Anti RMb"M   DR=Disputed once by Jerusalem Qabalists-- but eventually recognized as a valid opinion in observant Torah

Sefer HaYashar: TK - Best authentic account of Jewish History in existence...
Any books or articles by rav Rason Arusi TC
Targum Onkelos TC
MidRaShYm by Yeshiyahu ben Nethaniel Rabbenu & Mori Yosef Qafahh zs"l TK , T
Amunoth weDeioth of haJaon Saadhya-Beliefs and Opinions TK , T
Manorath haMa'or TC
Mikhilta TC
Khoter ban Shlomo: Siraj al-Uqul : Yemenite Midrash : T , K
Orah Khayim TC
Tora Temimah TC
Mora Nevouchim of Morenu haRamb”m TC , T
Midrash haJathol TK
Langerman's book, "Yemenite Midrash" TK
Hhovoth haLevavoth of Morenu Bahheya ibn Paqudha T
Kuzari by Yahuda ha lewi TK
Secret of the Torah by ibn Ezra TC
Mori Yikhyeh's Milkhamoth haShem K , DR
ABBAI, Meir ibn Ezekiel: Tola'at Ya'akov, Derekh Emunah, Avodat ha-Kodesh, Marot Elohim K
Sepher Yasira with commentary- Rav Qafahh zs"l version only  (warning: could lead to confusion about G-D) 
R. Eliezer me-Garmisa (from Worms in Germany) in Ha-Rokeah
Sefer ha-Mitzvot Gadol & Sefer Mitzvot Katanby Rabbi Moses ben Jacob of Coucy'  (not Temani) LC
Samuel Dovid Luzatto (Anti-RMb"M) K, AR
Shelomo ibn Jabirol: Kether Malchuth and Meqor Hayyim K
Elijah Delmedigo K
Jacob Emden (content debated by others-- but good points remain) K


Qabalah: Are we allowed to learn the real stuff (Metaphysics / Maaseh Merqavah)?
Anti-Maimonidean Demons K , T
Khoter ban Shlomo: Siraj al-Uqul K, T


DM= Disputed Midrash and/or Authorship     SU= Status Undecided
C=Contradictory content     AV=Criticized in the past for idolatrous concepts by at least 2 Jatholim.
KK=Inclined towards Karaite views.

Bahir DM , C, AV
Zohar DM, AV
Leon of Modena in his "Ari Nohem" (author is border-line heretical/ Karaite in other works) KK
Emuna HaShem: AR / H


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