Kosher Slaughter Preperation Video Is Outlawed For No Reason

The following video: which describes the great care and humanness involved in preparing chickens for kosher slaughter was removed by the YOUTUBE police. The implication of their explanation was that it involved animal cruelty. At no time in this video was the animal in any type of pain at all. In fact, the entire point of the video was to show how gentile one is required to be with the wings (according to Jewish law) - which are gently positioned (one over the other) before the slaugther. Our entire shekhitah series conforms to the Jewish law of the last Sanhedrin, as recorded in the RaMb"M's Mishneh Torah.

As can be clearly seen in this video, the animal is not in any pain at all. Nor is the animal being unduly stressed at all.

With hundreds of other videos on YOUTUBE that clearly do show inhumane animal treatment - at the hands of immature children, vets and videos of the actual slaughter can only conclude some type of JEW-HATEFUL motivation here.

If you have a moment to download the video, you can simply right click and save HERE.

You can decide for yourself.